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Bryce Harper Got Roasted To Death By A New York Fan Then Got Tossed From The Game Minutes Later

Someone get that kid free season tickets for that seat right this second. I don’t care how much Fred Wilpon cries about potential revenue lost that he could send a Nigerian prince. I need that fan with the Fonz’s jacket chicken winging himself into the brains of every opposing superstar that plays at Citi Field for the foreseeable future. I mean the proof is in the pudding. Bryce Harper walked to the plate, got shook to his core by a Mets Giants fan, got rung up looking, then got tossed because the aforementioned fan was in his mind like Bran Stark was in Hodor’s. Sign Guy ruled the 80s, Cow-Bell Man took charge in the 2000s, and now Taunting Kid is taking us into the future. What a beautiful band of misfits us Mets fans are.

P.S. SNY did my boy Eli kinda dirty there but the game’s the game.