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The Caps Are On To Game 7

That says it all. And seriously, for the “you lost by 3 goals crowd”, I hope you’re trolling because otherwise it makes no sense to say that. The goal would have made it 3-3, that changes the entire trajectory of the game. Instead they stay down 3-2 when it should be tied with 10 minutes left. It’s an entirely different game. It’s pretty basic stuff.

And for Ovi to get that fired up. I mean he knows he didn’t interfere with Mrazek. It’s just disappointing as hell to see a game decided like that. And for him to get to the point where he’s that fired up at the refs for dropping the ball, I don’t think I’ve ever seen Ovi like that. He works too hard for them to decide the game based on nothing. A true shame.

Time to move forward though. Still a game 7 to win, at home.

It’s been a hell of a series, you just hate to see a game be decided the way tonight’s was. Game 7 though. See you there.