Does Anybody Love Baseball More Than Dallas Braden?

Among the most frequently asked questions that I get from Stoolies, there’s, “What’s it like working for Dave?” and “How much does Big Cat make?” But one of the newer ones has been, “Is Dallas Braden like that all the time?” to which the answer is a resounding yes.

Off camera, I’m the polar opposite of my obnoxious, loudmouth, asshole onscreen persona. I don’t really speak unless spoken to. I’m very boring. With Dallas, it doesn’t matter if the camera is on or off. It actually doesn’t matter if there’s a camera at all. He’s like this all the time. The highest energy person I’ve ever come across and it doesn’t matter what time of day it is or what we’re doing. The man lives, breathes and bleeds baseball and the fans out in Oakland are very lucky to have him.

PS — That has to be one of the most ridiculous plays I’ve ever seen in my life. Lazor Ramon airmailed that thing at least 700 feet after robbing a homer. So cocky. Still got the double play, too, although it’s not officially recognized as a double play. Whatever. Still awesome, and also mind boggling that runners still attempt to get an extra base on this guy. Fools.