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In Defense Of This Week's Game Of Thrones Episode

Hi haters!!!!!


So, this week on Game of Thrones, some people (and I won’t name names, but they’re haters and their names rhyme with Diggs and JFC) were disappointed and felt like this was a ‘filler’ episode. To those people (who, again, I’m not going to name, but of them just quit a show with two old men who have little else to live for and the other has never said a positive thing in his entire life) and to anyone who might agree with them, I say: grow up.

This episode was great. I loved it. We got to see characters who’d never met before meet. We got satisfying moments that made us remember how much we love these people, so it’s all the more heartbreaking when they all fuckin die. It made us feel nostalgic, and sad, and proud… or at least it did if you’re an adult who can process any type of feeling. The chicks on this show had some boss ass moments and I think we need to talk about them.

Brienne getting knighted was so beautiful. First of all, she got a seat at the table, which was significant because her entire life she was left out of conversations with fellow fighters because she was a woman. And then, after a hilarious dick measuring competition by Tormund, Jamie out-dicked him by giving Brienne the one thing she never thought she’d have, a Knighthood. Ser Brienne. I cried, because they only give characters big moments like that when they’re about to die. At least she dies with all she ever wanted.

Arya is a grown woman who can fuck whoever she wants to. If you’re grossed out by that you need to grow the fuck up. She NAILED that scene (lol, no pun intended). She summoned her inner Ariana Grande… I see it, I like it, I want it, I got it. Pushed Gendry right onto that bed and had her way with him. She’s a three dimensional character, she can’t just be a scary killing machine! She’s a young woman and she’s probably had a crush on Gendry for 5 years, let her have her moment!! It would’ve been gross if she was like oh it’s my first time, be gentle with me blah blah blah but she didn’t. She’s Arya Stark. I’m proud of her and I like her style and that’s all I’m saying about that.

Sansa is a bad ass bitch, and I’m extremely impressed with her for bringing up what happens to the North in a conversation where Daenerys was trying to extend the proverbial olive branch. It took serious balls knowing Daenerys is a bit of a “burn if you won’t kneel” type of gal. Second, that whole thing with Theon made me cry like a baby. They survived something extremely traumatic together, and she probably thought he was going to die saving Yara. When he said he came back to fight for his Queen, she knew he really meant he came back to fight for his true family, the Starks. This is a 180 from the last time he had this choice, which means his arc is likely complete and he’s about to bite the dust. Still, watching the two of them make eyes at each other while Podrick was singing was really heartwarming.

Daenerys has been catching a lot of heat for being, and I quote, ‘the worst’. She’s a broken record with the whole “I want the throne!!” thing…. yeah, okay, like Jon Snow isn’t also a broken record with “IT DOESN’T MATTER, ARMY OF THE DEAD” thing. (Is it possible you guys are just sexist?) People are saying Daenerys isn’t likable. Who gives a fuck if she’s likable? She’s a good leader. Jon Snow isn’t likable, he’s boring and moody, but everyone believes he’d be a good leader. Just something to consider. Daenerys wants what she wants and she will get it at any cost and I respect that. She wants to believe she’s good and doing this with pure intentions and can’t admit that she just wants power, but that’s what makes her human and compelling as a character. We stan Daenerys over here and if you don’t, that’s okay, but don’t be whiny bitch about it.

I have a billion more thoughts about this episode, but you can check them out on this morning’s episode of Game of Stools and on Friday’s episode as well. Can’t wait for next week’s episode!!!