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Is This The Best Winning Streak Of All Time?

From about Wednesday-Sunday people witnessed one of the best winning streaks since 1986. Everyone is always saying you never celebrate my wins, look how great my brain was working this week.

A lot of people were saying how this might go down in history as the best streak ever but I am just trying to block everyone out and help the great people of America make some money. The worst part about all of this is that I maxed out my account last week so I had to bring my units down and only went up a grand during this hot streak. That’s why gambling is a real bitch, you go from having to sell your treadmill on let go one week to thinking you are the best gambler in the world the next week. As you know every game I do usually bet it comes down to the wire and I lose in the worst possible way but these wins were all blow outs and lived stress free.

This is why gambling gods are real, they reel you back in to think that you can always win like this and I am sure something will go wrong now. I want to defy the odds and have back to back winning weeks and stay on top of the world. Let me tell you, what a better life it is being a good gambler. I eat at normal times, I go to sleep not worrying about a damn thing, I even can start to think of more ideas on how to make salt water into natural water. Fuck it I may become a philanthropist (yes I looked up how to spell that and to know the exact meaning)

So gambling gods I know you are watching, please let this streak take it to the moon. After all the years of getting my chest shit on this is my time to get in the positive.