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Tiger Woods Wore His Green Jacket And Basketball Shorts Out To Dinner Last Night Like A Boss

KING SHIT. I couldn’t love this move any more from Tiger. Tiger Woods out in his first public appearance since WINNING THE MASTERS (remember when that actually happened?) and he stunts in the green jacket and basketball shorts. What a move. Now, we’ve had lengthy debates on Fore Play about Tiger’s ability to dress himself when there isn’t grass under his feet. The bottom line in when you take Tiger Woods off grass, he seems to lose all ability to dress (and act) like a normal human being but that all changes when you WIN THE MASTERS and your fifth green jacket overall like he did. Under those circumstances, basketball shorts with the green jacket is an A++++++ outfit choice.

Tiger could’ve gone out to eat wearing just the green jacket and nothing else and I would’ve applauded him. Just naked as shit strutting through the restaurant letting his dick swing in his green jacket. Instead he decided to keep it casual and throw on some shorts and a Nike a shirt and he looked great. Winning makes quite literally everything okay.