Friday News Dump: Jacob deGrom Is Heading Back To New York For An MRI On His Elbow

Nothing like a tweet at 5 pm on a Friday to completely obliterate your weekend before it even begins. As someone that lived through the Jacob deGrom Injury Scare of 2018 with the scars to prove it, I’m trying to not overreact or fear the worst. But goddammit this just feels so Metsy. Finally we have a young team with offense that we can get excited about to go along with our (should be) fantastic starting rotation only to see the guy who JUST signed a big fat extension and went from the best pitcher in the universe to a player that looked mortal in back-to-back outings has my Chicken Little Mets Brain screaming that the sky is falling. At this point I don’t even believe deGrom had strep yesterday. I feel like he may have had a cranky elbow, the Mets hoped it would feel better after a day of rest, then he could go back out there and start wiping out hitters by the dozens. But unless the Mets show me the stick the doctor jammed down deGrom’s throat, I am going to believe that this was another typical Mets PR nightmare with “Strep Throat” being the newest punchline for people to slap Mets fans with.

Again, this happening just as the fanbase was rallying around this team and after the ink dried on Jake’s new deal is something none of us could have seen coming yet nobody is shocked about. Here’s to praying that MRI is cleaner that Robinson Cano’s swing. Everybody do a good deed tonight, say a prayer to the baseball gods, even though I’m starting to think that that they at best don’t like us and at worst fucking despise us, then use up any good juju you may have banked up the last few days because we are going to need it. This worked for me last year, so I’m going back to the well again.

I’d also like to punch Past Me and Past KFC in the face repeatedly for even DREAMING about doing a Mets podcast on the Barstool Network. The effect the rise of Barstool has had on Dave’s teams and KFC’s teams couldn’t be more different and this deGrom news piled on top of the Matz start followed by losing the series to the Phillies has me questioning what the point of life even is.

Speaking of things that went wrong quickly, I miss the simpler times when I was rooting for Gio Gonzalez to take over for Vargas after he inevitably gets destroyed by the Cardinals, which happened ohhhh about an hour ago.

The correct answer was we hope the Mets win a game where they had to overcome another 8-0 deficit in the first, but now I just want Jacob deGrom to be healthy and don’t give a shit about that sad sack Vargas.

I was just talking having therapy with KFC on Instagram Live using the We Gotta Believe account and we talked ourselves into everything being okay. Jacob deGrom is our Messiah. Like Jesus, he performed his most impressive miracles while he was 30 (the 2018 season), died on Good Friday (today), and rose from the dead on Easter Sunday (a clean MRI). Boom, just like that not only are the Mets in the clear but deGrom is the man that will be the man that saves us from hell.