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A Supercut of Tom Brady's Greatest Comebacks Takes You Into Easter Weekend

At the risk of saying anything that could be considered blasphemous on Good Friday, Easter is all about an observance the biggest comeback in the history of the universe. And about worshiping a deity made human to walk among us and save souls. So it seems as good a time as any to celebrate the greatest comebacks of Tom Brady’s career. Make of that what you will.

It should come as no surprise that this is almost a half hour long and barely scratches the surface. Chronologically speaking, it covers the GOAT’s most astonishing late game rallies from the low def 4:3 aspect ratio days of the Snow Bowl all the way up to Super Bowl LI. From the 21-point deficit erase at Chicago to being down 24-0 at the half against Denver in 2013 to, of course, the 28-3 game. From pulling out the Divisional playoff at No. 1 seed San Diego in 2006 to the TWO 14-point leads he erased against the Ravens in the 2014 Divisional game. I won’t quibble with the No. 1 choice – how could you? – but just yesterday I was talking to some friends about how my favorite is still XLIX, when he put up 14 points while down by 10 in the 4th quarter against a generational defense that had held the Peyton Manning Broncos to eight points the Super Bowl before.

And now that I think of it we’ll have to find room in this Top 10 for the AFC championship game at Kansas City. I think next Good Friday we’re gonna need a bigger video.

Happy Easter, one and all. #HeIsRisen