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Shaq Gave Us His All Time Starting Five And It May Have Come After A MHOC Session

(if that embed doesn’t work you can watch the video here)

Alright, it’s late on a Friday afternoon so what better time to participate in everyone’s favorite activity and debate totally subjective basketball rankings where there’s no wrong answer but unless you go with a starting five that agrees with someone else’s you’re just a moron who has never watched basketball a day in your life.

Now this isn’t the first time Shaq has been asked something like this, back in 2015 he was asked to rank his top 5 players all time and it went as follows

PG – Magic Johnson
SG – Michael Jordan
SF – Julius Irving
PF – Karl Malone
C – Bill Russell

An interesting list of choices that’s for sure. So when he was asked this time around for an updated list, he gave us this starting five

PG – Michael Jordan
SG – Kobe Bryant
SF – Larry Bird
PF – Karl Malone
C – Hakeem Olajuwan

Again, it’s hard to argue with this starting five, I mean it’s filled with basketball legends. You’ll notice though, there’s no LeBron and he sort of cheated with MJ/Kobe in my opinion. I’m also not sure I’m going with Kobe over Magic anyway, but I’m certainly not going to challenge Shaq. Obviously he must have been high back in 2015 to not include Larry Legend in his first go around, I feel like as hard as it would be you have to replace Malone/Hakeem. You won’t find me putting LeBron over Larry, that is punishable by death in my household, but I can’t sit here and tell you Shaq’s updated starting five is the best it could possibly be.

So I’ll ask you, who are you swapping out? I wouldn’t hate a frontcourt of like Kareem/Russell or if you can be flexible with the rules Russell/Shaq. The good news is there’s no wrong answer unless your five is different from my five so let’s hear who ya got.