This George Brett Golf Story Solidifies Himself as a Living Legend

In my time at Barstool, or on this Earth in general, to this day I have not met a cooler person than George Brett. That’s not an exaggeration, I wish I was best friends with him. On the recent Mickstape Coley and Tyler talked about how when he came into the office no one wanted him to leave. He was here for hours and it just felt like he was one of us. We kind of expected him to show up to work the next week and just be an employee. He cooked us food with his Meat Mitch BBQ company and just chatted with everyone like we were all his teammates. I’m telling you, you won’t meet a cooler more down-to-Earth guy in your life.

This story from Tim Kurkjian’s vault further helps my case that no one is better than George. First of all, he was golfing on crutches? That’s so outrageous I love it. Oh can’t play baseball today? Well that’s not stopping him from getting a quick 18 in with the beautiful weather. Next his teammates decided to fuck with him and hit onto the green while he was putting. Pretty messed up. Did George run for cover? Nope, he dropped his crutches and hit one of the incoming shots in mid-air right back at his teammates, almost 150 yards down the fairway. Legend.

Do you understand how ridiculous that is? It’s so hard to hit a golf ball in the air with a putter when you’re just soft-tossing to yourself. We all try to do it when we get frustrated on the course and the result is usually a swing and a miss or a weak grounder. Well, this was 1980, the year George Brett hit .390 and could hit anything in sight thrown his way. Literally. Golf ball coming in hot from 150 yards out? Yeah no big deal, he’s just going to hit it harder right back at you. Best hitter ever.

George. Fucking. Brett.