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Attorney Claims 'Sean Miller Is Clearly Paying Players At Arizona' BUT There's One Slight Problem

Well, we finally have an update on the trial into college hoops. Sean Miller is absolutely cheating according to the attorney. Or, well, maybe not. You see, you have to hear the evidence. A couple more problems with that:

So now Sean Miller (and Will Wade) won’t even be called to testify. That means the NCAA will have to rely on word of mouth in order to do this investigation. I have no idea what sort of evidence we’ll really see.

This whole investigation was and continues to be a shit show. I mean maybe, hear me out on this crazy idea. We let the players get paid from other people on top of their scholarship if that’s what the free market determines. Who gives a shit about what people are getting paid. We cheer for laundry. We cheer for whomever wears LSU purple, Arizona blue, etc.

This is the second trial for Christian Dawkins and Merl Code, which begins Monday. We’ll see if any ‘new’ information comes out.