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Gronk's Reaction to Denting the Lombardi is Weapons Grade Gronk

I might not be a man of few words, but I can certainly respect one.

“Oopsies” with the Grimacing Face emoji such so perfectly encapsulates Rob Gronkowski’s mental and emotional state at damaging the sacred relic he ended his career on, how can anyone ask for more? If he’d issued some lengthy, heartfelt apology, no one would by it. If he’d said “My bad!” we’d be doubting his sincerity. If he’d used any other emoji like Grinning Squinting Face of Winking with Tongue Out or Poop, it would’ve diminished it. But this reaction is pure him.

I can think of just one similar moment in human history, when a man used so few words to say so much. At the Battle of the Bulge, with the 101st Airborne completely encircled by a German offensive at Bastogne, cut off and running out of supplies, General Anthony McAuliffe was sent a surrender ultimatum by German commander General Luttwitz. And his reply was simply this:


As one McAuliffe’s staffers later explained, the general didn’t swear, so that was as close as he ever came to “Go to Hell.” Even to a Nazi. His men loved it. It boosted their moral through the tops of the trees in the Ardennes Forest they were in. Patton whose 3rd Army was coming to attempt a breakthrough got word and said “Any man that eloquent deserves to be rescued.”

If that were Gronk in command, he might’ve said “Deez nuts!” with the Eggplant emoji and “69” with Squirting Water, but the message would’ve been the same. One of defiance. Unrepentant defiance. That is how great leaders handle adversity. And a man that eloquent deserves to be in the Pro Football Hall of Fame on the first ballot. Just not allowed around a trophy and a baseball ever again.