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If This Bear Cub Gets Put Down For Being Too Friendly With People, WE RIOT!!!


A bear cub has become so friendly with the skiers and snowboarders at Northstar resort in California she faces being euthanized.

The gorgeous brown bear appears to be very friendly and has been filmed climbing onto snowboards and sniffing at ski jackets at the resort near Lake Tahoe, Nevada County.

Aaron King wrote on Facebook just two days ago: ‘I met a bear that I am teaching to snowboard.’

But although the friendliness of the cub may seem cute, wildlife experts say being comfortable around humans is so dangerous they may have to kill her.

Can I ask a question?  What the fuck is wrong with people?  I mean, if I didn’t know any better I’d guess that little bear cub was a d0g.  All inquisitive.  Maybe a little mischievous.  Just wants to get to know the entire world around her. Sniffing people’s assholes and making everyone who watchings a little uncomfortable.

Typical dog stuff.

But because she’s a bear and will grow to be like the size of a Nissan Altima and could kill you with one swipe of her paw, people are thinking of killing her?  This is INFINITELY worse than the Harambe situation.  That was at least in the heat of the moment; these assholes out in California at least have a few months before the cub is 5000 pounds and has an insatiable appetite for human flesh.

So I propose this: capture the little cub, maybe play some fetch with her, taunt her with dog treats, take her to the dog park and cuddle with her while you’re hungover on a Sunday and shit like that.  It makes too much sense.  Then after she gets a little too big, I don’t know… RELEASE HER SOMEWHERE THATS NOT BY PEOPLE.  Do NOT fucking kill her.  Look at that cute lil cub.  I wanna play in the snow with her as we speak.

Really makes me fucking sick.