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Anderson Cooper Proudly Boasts About The Famous People His Mom Banged

First off, big time smug move by Anderson Cooper to shrug off that Frank Sinatra might be his father. Yo Coop, you play that card for all it’s worth. I love my dad, but come on, he’s no Baby Blue Eyes

But I agree with Letterman’s first reaction of “whoa”. Anderson just blatantly comes out firing and calls her a slut. Be that as it may (and it certainty be) it’s still your mother. You gotta show some respect unless something scarred Anderson as a kid. Maybe his father caught the early flight home from San Diego and a couple of nude A-list actors jump out of the bathroom blindfolded like a Goddamn magic show ready to tagteam his wife. Or maybe it was just the act of watching movies with her of guys she got pounded by did the trick. There is NOTHING more awkward than being with your parents and a nude or sex scene pops onto the screen. Now imagine watching a movie with your mother of an actor who was balls deep in the first place you rented for 9 months.

Regardless, the notches on his mother’s belt were poked with gold. Clark Gable, Sinatra, Brando…holy Christ. Gloria’s got the entire Hollywood Walk Of Fame shoved up her fanny. They say when you have sex with someone you’ve slept with every single person they’ve been with. There’s gotta be some Hollywood obsessed sicko out there who would take down a 90-year-old bag just to get a little closer to Errol Flynn.

Get it Gloria you minx of a housewife!

Gloria Vanderbilt In The Kitchen

That coffee better have been good or Marlon Brando was coming in slapping.