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Gloria! From The Gates Of Defeat, The Blues Pull Out A Comeback For The Ages With 15 Seconds Left

WHAT A NIGHT! The Blues have not fared great in Game 5’s recently and going into this tilt, I have to admit there was quite an uneasy feeling going back on the road in such a pivotal game. The road team winning all 4 games to start a series is rare, and the road team winning the first 5 is even rarer! I saw this tweet from Bucci Mane and did not feel great.

Only 3 times in history?! Those odds are NOT GREAT. I know every game is its own event and things may not technically impact each other, but it sure felt ominous after reading stuff like that. And let me tell you, when the puck dropped, it only got worse.

As sweet as this thing finished, it was VERY sour to start.

Whenever you’re down 1-0 within the length of an Instagram story, something had gone pretty wrong. And it didn’t stop there. Kevin Hayes barreled down the wing and jammed it home.

The Whiteout was finally buzzing and I couldn’t help but think “SHIT!!!!!”. The Blues were playing great but somehow were in a pretty bad hole in the first period. 2-0 is not the end of the world, but ANY single bad bounce that takes you to being down 3-0 is probably going to be lights out. Schwartz and Sundqvist both missed partial breakaways and I couldn’t help but think those might come back to haunt us. You only get so many Grade A chances in a tight playoff game, and when they don’t go in, its normally the difference.

It was all starting to feel like the tide was surging towards a missed opportunity. The Blues killed off a HUGE 4 minute high stick minor that would have surely been the back breaker if it had been converted. That combined with blatant missed calls that were not giving the Blues any PP chances to claw back, it was looking bleak.

Finally some #TeamPortnoy hospitality from Kevin Hayes. Thank the lord.

Going into the third I knew there was a chance. The Blues were starting the period on the PP and an early goal coming out of intermission can always change the momentum. Sure enough, there it was.

So you’re sayin there’s a chance!!! I went live for the 3rd period as the Blues were 2-0 so far when I’ve gone on Instagram Live.

What followed was INCREDIBLE. From the jaws of defeat, down 2-0 in the third, not only did the Blues come back, they WON with 15 seconds left.

Screen Shot 2019-04-19 at 10.29.16 AM
Screen Shot 2019-04-19 at 12.36.13 AM

And we’re going back to Enterprise for Game 6 with a chance to close out. I don’t want to get too ahead of ourselves, as the Jets are a very good team and this is going to be a battle to try and put them away tomorrow, but goddamn is it certainly a lot better than having to fight for our lives for a chance at a Game 7. Look at the city of Winnipeg!

Its going to be an absolute MOB SCENE on Saturday and I cannot wait. I’m flying to STL tonight and we are going to will this team to victory tomorrow night and then get absolutely obliterated. Callin Gloriaaaaaaaaaa!

P.S. THIS IS THE WEIRDEST SHIT I’VE EVER SEEN. Laine isn’t wearing a turtleneck??? It’s a dickey?? WHAT THE HELL BRO.