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So That Same Florida Teen Who Got Arrested For RKO'ing His Principal? Well He Got Arrested Again For RKO'ing A Fake Alligator In The Mall

ABCA Florida man was arrested after being filmed wrestling with a fake alligator in a mall.

Gianny Sosa-Hernandez was charged with criminal mischief after damaging the display alligator at The Falls Shopping Center in Miami-Dade County, according to the Miami-Dade Police Department. In the video, Sosa-Hernandez, 18, is seen removing his sweatshirt and running to the side of the display. He then jumps over the barrier, throwing the fake alligator off a rock and into the display’s pond. Sosa-Hernandez picks up the alligator before performing a wrestling move on it that police identified as an R.K.O, a move popularized by WWE wrestler Randy Orton. He then pretends to pin the gator…

Sosa-Hernandez was involved in a separate incident a week earlier where he allegedly performed a wrestling move on his high school principal, police told ABC News.

He allegedly performed the same RKO wrestling move on the principal of Miami Southridge Senior High School on April 10 and was charged with battery on a specified official/employee and interference with an educational institution, according to an arrest report from the Miami-Dade Schools Police Department. 

I think that there is a very serious issue that is affected the youth of America today. And unfortunately, many people don’t realize that they are affected by this issue until it is much, much too late. The issue that I’m speaking about, of course, is RKO Addiction.

It is a sick disease and one that should not be taken lightly. We’ve got kids all across America who simply cannot, and will not stop RKO’ing anything that they can get their hands on. Whether it’s their principal or a fake alligator in a display case at the mall. If something is within their reach to get RKO’d, well then there is nothing that can stop them from chasing that high.

So now we need to look at how to fix this. We need to find a solution to this issue. Because clearly, arresting these kids for performing the RKO isn’t going to do the trick. You arrest them one week and then they’re right back out on the street RKO’ing fake gators the next week. Maybe we need to set up some RKO rehab programs/facilities or something like that. Send them somewhere they can ween themselves off of the RKO. Before it’s too late and we have a bunch of 50-year-old dudes still RKO’ing everything 30 years from now.