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Wake Up With David Ortiz Going Big Fly Off Of Chris Archer And Then Tossing His Bat To The Moon
I don't like David Ortiz, but I also don't like Chris Archer. But I do love when David Ortiz makes Chris Archer upset, and that is what happened with this bat toss. Archer loves to cum himself every time he strikes someone out, but then suddenly has a problem when a hitter celebrate a homer run. Grow the fuck up, Chris. So when Ortiz sent this ball to the Bucs' stadium, he decided to nicely place the bat at his feet. Sike. He tossed the bat towards his dugout and decided to take his sweet time around the bases. He even did a nice little jig before touching the bases. You know this pissed off Archer because he and Ortiz have had some issues in the past, this just added gas to the fire. Mammoth blast by a mammoth guy topped off with a mammoth bat toss to piss off a mammoth douche bag. Gotta love it.