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Brett Gardner Played Hero Ball With a Grand Slam to Sweep Boston

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Oh whatta night! Just when you thought Boston would come away with a split, Brett Gardner said not so fast! The Red Sox bullpen is who we thought they were…and that is a bullpen that STINKS!

A struggling JA Happ started this one off and did not start well. A 1st inning JD Martinez bomb and a 2nd inning cheapy by Vazquez gave Boston a quick 3-0 lead. With Eovaldi looking sharp I thought we might have been headed for a laugher, like on Tuesday, just with Boston this time. To my surprise, and I assume most of you too, Happ settled down and actually lasted six and a third giving up just the three runs. From inning three through seven he was a different guy. Hopefully that gives him some confidence moving forward because before that 3rd inning, this 2019 was a disaster for JA.  The other four starters have held their end of the bargain for the most part in 2019, JA needs to get cooking.

Happ shutting down Boston after the 2nd gave the Yanks time to chip away. A red hot Clint Frazier roped an RBI double in the 4th to get New York on the board. He had three hits on the night (all ropes), raising his batting average to .333. He’s locked in right now and starting to live up to the potential we always hoped he would. All the kid need was a chance and he’s doing a lot with it right now.

The 7th inning rolled around and out of the game came Eovaldi. Time to strike. In came the Red Sox bullpen, which is awful. I know they’ve been fine to begin the season, but none of those guys scare me. They lost Kelly and Kimbrel and are left with bums like Workman, Brasier, Matt Barnes and that fat fuck Erasmo Ramirez. Workman proceeded to load the bases with just one out and gave way for Brasier with Gardner due up. The entire time in my head I was thinking “Why the fuck isn’t DJ LeMaheiu leading off? Why the fuck isn’t DJ LeMaheiu leading off? Why the fuck isn’t DJ LeMaheiu leading off? Why the fuck isn’t DJ LeMaheiu leading off?” as I imagine most of you were. Brett Gardner shut us all right the fuck up with his 100th career home run to give the Yanks the lead for good. GARDY WENT YARDY

God I love that short porch in right. Yankee Stadium erupted. The Bronx was ALIVE and Carrabis wanted to kill himself.

Yeah that’s going to happen when your bullpen is loaded with a bunch of bums. God that felt good. My shoe literally almost flew off as I was jumping up and down. Sure it’s April 17th, but a go ahead grand slam against Boston in the 7th inning is a go ahead grand slam against Boston in the 7th inning. Brett Fucking Gardner, man. The hero we do not deserve.

Nothing like a little two game sweep of the Sox to wake a team up. This fanbase and organization needed these two wins. We needed this fire. Now we go. Next up Kansas City. Let’s roll these ass clowns and get cookin’.

P.S. The Yankees are 2-0 in the 2019 Non-Greg Bird Era. Undefeated.

P.P.S. The children of Boston are STARVING. The defending champs are 6-13. YIKES.

New Short Porch out tomorrow with special guest….Jared Carrabis!!!