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If Being An Islanders Fan Was Easy, Everyone Would Do It

Hey look I ain’t gonna sugar coat it. In my long illustrious career as an Islanders fan that was the worst beat down I’ve ever experienced. Maybe it was that 5 day layoff after the regular season ended. Maybe it was losing their final 3 games and backing into the 8 seed. Maybe they were intimidated by heading to Pittsburgh. But all I know is that team that showed up last night was not the Islanders we know. Thats not the Tavares we know. Thats not the Nabby we know. 0 shots on goal from JT is insane. 4 goals allowed for Nabokov is brutal. Bottom line, that team out there was straight up shell shocked.

But they’re a young squad. Aside from Nabby, completely inexperienced when it comes to playoff hockey. And last night a lot of guys got their cherry popped in a hard way. If they are gonna have any shot at pulling off a miracle, the inexperienced bullshit stops here. Can’t worry about where you’re playing or who you’re playing or what time of year it is or what seed you are. Play the hockey you’ve played all season since KFC joined the Bandwagon and there’s no reason you don’t bounce back game 2.

And keep in mind, Islanders fans – this is who we are. This is what we do. As a fan of life long losers, its never been easy. Its always a roller coaster. Its often disappointing. Every game is a struggle. Thats what makes us who we are. We’re more loyal and more dedicated than all the other front running, fair weather fan bases out there. One blowout to start the playoffs doesn’t force us to stop believing.