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Prosecutors Say They're Going to Release The Tug Rule Video

Kraft All Star

SourceProsecutors said in court documents Wednesday that they are planning to release video of New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft at a Florida day spa, according to the Boston Globe.

Kraft’s lawyers argued in court last week that the release of video evidence capturing him paying for sex at the Orchids of Asia Day Spa could “destroy” his chances at a fair trial.

“If the affidavit says what happened, what is the interest the public has in seeing it? It’s basically pornography,” Kraft attorney William Burck said Friday.

But in what the Globe described as “an apparent legal end run,” prosecutors apparently plan to release the video of Kraft and 24 other men charged with paying for sex at the spa before a judge rules on the matter.

Several media outlets have intervened in the case, seeking to have the video released.

Have you ever, in your life, witnessed anything so desperate?

It’s been eight and a half weeks. That’s 60 something days since the skeevy law enforcement politicians in Palm Beach and Martin County ran in front of the first bank of cameras they could find to announce that they just broke up a major ring of underage girls being kidnapped and sold into sex slavery. Which would make it about 55 days since they had to go before a judge and admit under oath there is no such ring and there never was.

These kleptocrats have admitted they faked a bomb scare in order to plant hidden cameras and taped God only knows how many citizens getting rub downs – with money shots and without – against their knowledge and consent. They have trampled individual liberties. Violated basic freedoms Americans have fought and died for. And taken the Bill of Rights and wiped their liver-spotted asses with it.

Well one man refused to take it. The world famous celebrity/empire builder/billionaire/philanthropist/fully functioning 77-year-old ladies man decided he would fight instead. Like a free American. To exercise his right to his day in court that is the very foundation of our democracy.

And for the crime of standing up for himself – and for all accused – he’s being punished with threats by these jackals that they’ll release the tapes. As the ground has crumbled underneath their case and it mere hearings away from being thrown out of court so the justice system can deal with real crimes, DA David Aronberg is resorting to the last refuge of a scoundrel.


That’s exactly what this is and nothing more. It’s Organized Crime 101. “You’re making us look bad? Don’t want to play ball with us and help us get re-elected? Gee, that’s a nice reputation you have there. It’d be a shame if anything were to happen to it. …” It’s grotesque and corrupt and the worst kind of abuse of government power imaginable.

Here’s hoping the judge does the right thing and makes it clear that if those tapes get released, Aronberg and all his henchmen will not be.

Free Mr. Kraft! But not his sex tape! Free Mr. Kraft! But not his sex tape!