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Getting Dealt Quads Over Quads Is The Worst (Or Best!) Fate You Can Have At The Table

That’s just so, so filthy. Disgusting.

There you are in the middle of a poker tournament. You’ve been grinding and grinding, raising and folding, trying to make hands for the last 8 hours. You’ve been patient and disciplined. There have been times when you could have blasted off and punted, but you stayed tight and waited for a good spot. And then FINALLY. It happens. You flop a full house and miraculously turn quads! As if from the heavens you have been rewarded for playing your A game. Anddddddd then

Screen Shot 2019-04-17 at 11.37.29 AM

So brutal. Just so incredibly brutal. I’d want to find the nearest bottle of whiskey and a very tall mountain and see what happens. Live poker is so sick. You grind and grind and grind and you finally think you have the hand to propel you to the chip lead and you are fucking punished with quads over quads. Or on the contrary, rewarded.

This is what’s so good about so many more hands being streamed on Twitch, we have so much more potential for brutal beats.

What a great game. I love it so much. Because for all the shit you have to go through, nothing feels as good as winning.