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Artemi Panarin Is An Absolute Savage For Laughing In Nikita Kucherov's Face During The Most Awkward Handshake Of All Time

Arguably the most awkward handshake of all time. After the Blue Jackets HUGE upset over the Tampa Bay Lightning tonight, the two Russians met at center ice for the obligatory team handshake and Kucherov was not having it when Panarin went in for the dap. Understandably so too, I mean Jesus Christ Panarin, I know Kucherov is your pal but the guy just suffered one of the biggest upsets in NHL history, let’s give him some time to mull it over before we start laughing in his face.

Look, I know these two are best friends and I’m sure they will laugh it off after the game, but complete savage move by Panarin to just laugh in Kucherov’s face. Got to give even your best pals some time  to cool after after a series like this. This isn’t just a loss for Tampa, it’s one of the biggest disappointments and biggest upsets in NHL history, buddy should be livid. I don’t care if the game is over, let’s wait an hour or two for the tummy sticks to kick in, I think Kucherov could use an hour or two to cool down.

How about the Blue Jackets too? Holy shit. Upset of the decade right there. We are talking about one of the best regular season teams in NHL history SWEPT out of the first round. I mean, it would of been an enormous upset if the Lightning lost in either of the next two rounds, yet they were swept out of round 1. I’m shocked to say the least, I can imagine the entire hockey world is. But this is what makes hockey so great, anybody can beat anybody on any given night. What a league.