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HOLY SHIT! DEAD! THE PENGUINS ARE DEAD! This team man, this fucking team. They just swept the goddamn Pittsburgh Penguins with Marty Mush gambling on them. If that doesn’t prove this team is special I’m not sure what will. They held the best player in the world to 1 point in 4 games. The Islanders just made some of the best players in the NHL their bitch. It wasn’t even really close. From day one, no one gave them a chance. Even when they were destined for the playoffs, people still didn’t give them a chance.

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Whitney and Biz, all I heard from these guys is that the Isles had no chance. They can’t keep this up. They will come back to earth. What a bunch of fucking losers. This is a relentless team, all they do is work hard and frustrate the opponent. They’ve played a playoff-style game from the first time Barry Trotz got behind the Islanders bench and for guys like Biz and Whit not to see that, that’s alarming.

Isles fans, we just swept the Pittsburgh Penguins. The Isles just swept a team in the playoffs for the first time since 1983! This is the first time this shit is happening in my LIFETIME! What a time to be an Islanders fan. WE’RE GOING TO BORRELLI’S!

PS: Brock Nelson, holy moly is this guy on fire

An American hero! A good guy, who plays hard and loves the game. What a legend. BUY A SHIRT! LETS KEEP THIS THING ROLLING! ON TO THE NEXT ONE BABY!