Wake Up With The Phillies Ending The Game With An Unassisted Triple Play Vs The Mets

Look at Eric Bruntlett being in the right place at the right time. You remember Eric Bruntlett, don't you? 11 career home runs, .231 career average, 2008 World Series Champion. You remember him right? He's most known for this unreal unassisted triple play. Game ending triple play I should say. He obviously read the scouting report and was in perfect position.
First and second with the winning run at the plate, both runners took off, Bruntlett went to cover second and the ball went right to him. He snatches the ball, tags the bag, and tags the runner who was headed to second. That is probably the easiest unassisted triple play you could ever ask for. You couldn't have it any simpler for the Phillies. And as for the Mets, theres nothing you could even do. Once that ball is in the air, it's game over. That is just typical Mets. Shoutout Eric Bruntlett.