Mississippi Weather Man Berates His Radar Guy On Live TV During a Tornado

This is from a few days ago, but no one blogged it and I’m seeing it just now so here you go.

I LOVE when weather men or any kind of news caster freaks out on live TV. These guys are total nut jobs and it’s awesome. This legend, Matt Laubhan, a 5 time Emmy award winning meteorologist, was not going to let an off camera guy named John ruin his report. You don’t win 5 Emmys letting a guy named John sabotage your broadcast, that’s for sure.

The clap there is VICIOUS. That’s like when a teacher picked on a kid who refused to pay attention in 5th grade. That clap to an adult man is as degrading as it gets.

John stays on his phone as he moves to the other side of the green screen, in hopes of evading Matt. It didn’t work.

Now we get a snap. Matt needs to know if a tornado is happening or not and it’s up to John to crack the case. You can’t have John on his phone with peoples’ lives in danger.

Next the doppler radar just breaks. It looks like Mississippi had the worst severe weather I’ve ever seen. There is red EVERYWHERE. That’s some Day After Tomorrow shit. Matt pretty much blames the tornado on John.

“You know what happened…..JOHN?” I have second hand embarrassment through the roof right now. I wouldn’t wish being John on any of my worst enemies. I assume Matt just attacked him after the show and beat the shit out of John. You know, one of those street fights from Anchorman with swords and knives.

What’s even better is that Matt brought John on his show to apologize a day later. Even though this was filmed on a RAZR flip phone, you can see John was completely cool about it. He even compares the situation to Tom Brady on the football field, which I can say I did not see coming. Props to John for not bringing a gun on the show and shooting Matt in the chest.

Also, shout out to this video of Matt from five years ago where he fled the studio during a tornado and made everyone run to the basement. This was blogged on the site but I think the DevNest wiped it out. It’s electric.