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Barstool Philly Fantasy Football Podcast Brought To You By Draftkings

Like every week, I STRONGLY recommend listening to the Soundcloud than attempting to watch that video. Not because I don’t think you should gaze at our beautiful mugs, but apparently my toaster also seconds as my router. Very choppy video. Thanks again, Comcast.



Pretty self explanatory by this point. Myself and Fantasy Football guru and Draftkings Pro Johnathan Bales give you our thoughts, picks and sleepers for Week 5. Best listen well and enter into that Draftkings megatourny where a $27 investment could make you a millionaire. Boom.

Any last minute fantasy questions? Shoot them at us @SmittyBarstool or @BalesFootball. Also, Jonathan’s got a really good package filled with insight for you Fantasy Football players. Doesn’t matter if you have a season long league or play cash games weekly, he’ll give you everything you need to know. Definitely check out his 2014 Weekly In-Season Package here.
Smitty’s NFL Spanks (2-1 last week, 8-4 overall)

Indy -3.5

Atl +3.5

Sea -7.5