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Artist Makes A Composite Drawing Of All 57 Of Seinfeld's Girlfriends

Well there’s absolutely no way to really tell if this dude took the time to blend 57 faces together. Probably just painted a generic white woman and labeled it a Seinfeld composite in order to get people to look at it. Welp, it worked! Kinda reminds me of the Vigo the Carpathian painting in Ghostbusters. Like when you look into the eyes you get lost. Except instead of getting lost in the 16th century looking at a tyrant sorcerer, you just see over 50 white women from the 90s that Jerry Seinfeld fucked. In honor of this composite, Jerry Seinfeld’s hottest/most memorable girlfriends.

Delores – Mulva?

Any chick that gets you talking about clitorises (clitorii?) and vulvas will never me forgotten.

The Virgin

You never forget your first.

The Lopper Chick

I would fuck her in Pennsylvania Dutch Country all weekend long

The Roommate Switch/Menage Girls

The realest shit Seinfeld ever wrote was “I’m not an orgy guy.”

The Maid

Because she was basically just a whore that Jerry paid for sex.

The Nose Pick

Just a straight up dime piece

The Naked One

I guess when you’re Jerry Seinfeld and you’ve had almost 60 girlfriends you can get a little bit choosy. But for me? No such thing as bad naked.

Nikki who could get out of any jam

Power of the pussy!

Teri Hatcher – They’re Real and They’re Spectacular

The undisputed queen of Seinfeld Girlfriends. Pre-Lois and Clark. Pre-Desperate Housewives. Back when Hatcher was in her prime just dealing HEAT with her real tits.

Note – Obviously there’s a million more including a slew of smokeshow celebrities that started out as Seinfeld’s girlfriend. But these are the chicks off the top of my head that will always stick out in my mind as Jerry’s girlfriends. You could easily make a top 20 or 25 out of all the famous chicks that have gone through this show.