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Worst 5 Hours And 31 Minutes Of My Whole Life

15 innings of Mets Marlins baseball. I’m surprised Keith Hernandez didn’t hang himself in the broadcast booth. After Harvey exited the game it was probably the worst baseball game I’ve ever seen in my life. And the icing on the cake was it all resulting in a loss. Sometimes I wonder whats wrong with me. Like why do I do it to myself? Why did I watch this game knowing exactly how it was gonna end up? My life would be infinitely better if I didn’t love this franchise.

Dangerous territory for the Mets right now. Their offense is absolutely putrid and they have absolutely no pitching aside from Harvey and Niese. You start losing games like this and shit can tailspin quick. Run into some good teams and all the sudden you blink and you’re 10, 15 games under.