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Kentucky Fan Names Race Horse 'Snell Yeah' After UK Running Back, Races At Keeneland This Week

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Now, this is exactly why I love college sports. More importantly this is exactly why I love Kentucky. We have the beauty of horse racing and the beauty of Keeneland (top-1 track in America). Combine that with this guy?

I expect this horse to start talking shit and then finish the race by dragging other horses to the finish line. That’s just what Snell does. I know you typically think of Kentucky basketball when you say Kentucky.

But, this is awesome. Kentucky football coming off that 10 win season. Snell one of the, if not the, best running back in school history. The horse named after his signature phrase

Need to see what the jockey is wearing. I can only hope it’s a blue and white checkerboard design with maybe a hint of black or chrome as an ode to Kentucky football jerseys. I fully expect this horse to be the favorite on name alone.

It just means more.