Evan Roberts Goes Nuts On Celtics Fans

That about sums it up, huh? Only thing I’d add is this pathetic “Nobody cares about the NBA because the Heat are gonna win anyway” rhetoric everyone seems to be spinning now. Celtics fans are leading that pack since they know they’re old and the Rondo injury isn’t recent enough to blame for sucking this bad. But they need some reason to pretend they don’t care this year so they are using this “The Heat are gonna win” garbage. Such a lame way of thinking. From Boston fans, nonetheless. The biggest Lebron haters in the world. The fans that pride themselves of “Grit and Balls” and “Bar fights!” The team that took Lebron to the brink last year as a 4 seed and almost beat the Heat in 7. This year they’re just ready to crown them champs and forget about the rest of the postseason.

Obviously the Heat are the overwhelming favorites. We could easily be looking at the beginning of a new dynasty. And yes, upsets in the NBA are rare with 7 game series. But the Mavericks upset the Heat as one of the biggest underdogs in recent memory. The Pistons upset the Lakers when they assembled their Hall of Fame all star team back in 04. Just one year ago Lebron was regarded as the choke artist who couldn’t win a ring and now everyone is a coward ready to just bend over for him. Do I sound like an unrealistic, wishful thinking, hopeless idiot saying the Knicks can beat the Pacers and go on to topple the defending champ Miami to make it to the Finals? Yea, sure. But I’d rather sound like that than the cowards pretending they no longer care about their team because another franchise is just too good.