This 19 Year Old Manchester United Star is Getting Too Many Nudes Sent to Him. Thoughts & Prayers

MANCHESTER United target Joao Felix says he has been bombarded by naked photos of female fans since he was thrust into the limelight. …

He said success has won him the attention of drooling female fans, with some even sending him naked photos.

He told Portuguese presenter, Rui Maria Pego: “The success helped me a lot with the girls.

On social media they often send me photos, even naked.”

And good news for them, the prodigy revealed he’s single.

But he also said settling down is not on his mind right now.

Felix added: “I don’t think of finding a girlfriend, I’m still young. There is time for everything.”

Every once in a generation or so, you come across a true prodigy. Someone born to achieve greatness in a particular field. Mozart published his first music when he was 7, and by his mid-teens had composed symphonies, operas and concertos. Enrico Fermi was accepted into the University of Pisa at 17 with a doctoral-level essay that solved the partial differential equation of a vibrating rod. Pablo Picasso painted “First Communion” at the age of 15.

Well, I don’t know anything about Joao Felix as a soccer player. And in the time it took me to write that sentence, I invented 12 new ways not to care. But this kid is a prodigy of Young Sheldon proportions. At least in terms of being a celebrity pusshound.

I mean, this is genius level trolling for ass on the Internet. For all we know, the question was about his ball-kicking or defense or whatever the hell they ask soccer players. “I’m new to being famous and all. It’s weird. I get a lot of nudes. Like LOTS and LOTS of nudes. Did I mention I’m also young, popular, talented, single, unattached, not looking for a girlfriend but I do get a lot of nudes that women send to my DMs? Yeah, that’s a big part of my life.” He might as well have just said he’ll donate to a Rescue Animals charity for every nipple shot he gets. His Snapchat is probably going to single-handedly shut down the Internet in the UK, if not the entire power grid. All from a kid who looks like he’s auditioning for some Simon Cowell boy band and before he’s even old enough to legally drink in the United States. And anyone who appreciates true talent owes this young man a hearty congratulations for being so gifted. His future is so bright, the sun is jealous. Best of luck in all your future endeavors, Joao.