Nazem Kadri Suspended For The Remainder Of The First Round... HE GONE!

Nazem Kadri was suspended for the remainder of the first round just now by the Department of Player Safety. This is quite the news as the Leafs are now without one of their biggest playmakers and an integral part of their lineup.

I shared my thoughts right when it happened, trying to be as unbiased as possible since most people involved were pretty fired up for either side.

He obviously was infuriated by the knee on knee collision earlier and was looking to exact revenge, I know the refs let it turn into WWE in the third, but what he did was always going to get him suspended. As much as tempers flare, you’d think that you would rather win the series and get the last laugh than exact physical revenge on a guy in Game 2. Its obviously easy to say when you’re sitting on the couch like me and I’m sure its hard not to act when you see your teammate Patrick Marleau get smoked into a stanchion, but every other player seems to be able to manage it.

His teammates had his back and don’t seem to be mad, but rather supportive.

Sean Avery is CERTAINLY not going to be advocating for his exile

Luckily if the Blues and Leafs meet in the Cup Finals then we’ll have Vince Dunn to keep him in check.