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ESPN Asks Hank Aaron Where He Took This Pic With Jackie Robinson - Only Problem Is That Hank Aaron Isn't In The Picture

Hey ESPN, guess who never played for the Boston Braves? That would be Hank Aaron, you know one of the greatest baseball players to ever live? The guy who hit 755 career home runs. Well, you were interviewing that guy during the Mets-Braves game last night and asked him where he took this picture with Jackie Robinson. Hank had trouble answering because….that’s NOT HIM!! That’s Sam Jethroe, the first African America to play for the BOSTON Braves. How do you mess that up? You are literally the WORLDWIDE LEADER IN SPORTS! That is impossible to mess up when you are interviewing Hank Aaron. That is SOOOO BAD! I gasped when I saw this. GASPED! You people are brainless.

Someone at ESPN googled ‘Hank Aaron Jackie Robinson’ and just took the first picture they saw which was from pinterest.

Screen Shot 2019-04-15 at 10.14.01 AM

Stay hot ESPN. Stay hot.