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MLB Weekend Round Up

Good morning sports fans. It’s your Monday morning MLB weekend roundup. A blog where I pick out my favorite things from the weekend to help you stay on top of the MLB season.

For the 3rd straight weekend things were pretty weird. Home runs are still flying out at an unprecedented rate but the impact on total runs isn’t that crazy yet. Overs hit under 50% for the first time this weekend with a lot of teams scoring just 1 run. Let’s get to the games

Orioles / Red Sox


Someone just lost their virginity. Plz show some respect

The fun didn’t last long though… Davis had to face David Price yesterday and subsequently went 0-4 with 2 K’s. Rumor has it he’s back though so AL East watch out

Rockies / Giants

The Rockies had a tough 4 game set in San Fran

Screen Shot 2019-04-15 at 8.43.15 AM

And so did all paid attendance with both teams averaging just 2 runs over the series. Blame the pitching staff. There were some monster performances with German Marquez’s 1-hit shutout taking the cake:

But as usual, some filthy 3rd base defense between the two

Like for real this was the most exciting offensive output of the long weekend in San Francisco

Astros / Mariners

Astros are on fire ..

Screen Shot 2019-04-15 at 8.20.24 AM

And so is Jose Altuve

24 total bases in 5 games. Not too shabby and neither was Gerrit Cole on Sunday

That’s now 36 K’s in 25 innings. In his brief career with the Astros (36 starts), Cole’s struck out 312 batters in 225 innings, good for 12.5/9 innings. For context 12.5 K’s/9 would be 2nd best in the last 10 years by any starter.

The Mariners on the other hand looked terrible but hosted Dog Day on Sunday so call it a wash

Speaking of dogs:

White Sox / Yankees 

The White Sox took 2-3 from NYY despite being severe underdogs. You can thank a rain shortened Friday night or you can thank Tim Anderson’s rapid ascension amongst MLB shortstops

He’s .429/.440/.653 over 50 plate appearances with 5 SB and 0 CS. People forget he didn’t play organized baseball until junior year of high school so I just reminded you.

In other news, the Yankees lone win in the series game on Saturday when the ghost of CC Sabathia led a NYY shutout:

Shutout aside, this picture isn’t any prettier

Screen Shot 2019-04-15 at 8.40.33 AM

Blue Jays / Rays 

A lot of the AL East picture has to do with the Rays pitching staff that’s currently 1st in ERA, K’s, HR’s allowed while being top 3 in hits, walks and a bunch of other shit. They kept it rolling this weekend with a 2-1 series win over the Blue Jays.

These pitches aren’t hittable

While guys that are generally unheard of keep rolling

Seriously take a shot every time you recognize a name

Screen Shot 2019-04-15 at 8.54.49 AM

Okay to be fair Kevin Kiermaier is a stud, but the group of Garcia, Zunino and Pham represent long lost prospects while Austin Meadows is making a name after being one of the center pieces in the Chris Archer deal. Good for him.

PS – shoutout Thomas Pannone for this remarkable feat

Pirates / Nationals 

Another yawn fest but hey we had some action and a good tweet to go with it

Tigers / Twins 

This is a yawn fest series for everyone nationally, but the clear takeaway is that Byron Buxton is becoming a national treasure in centerfield

As is Jose Berrios on

Cleveland / Kansas City

By far the least watched series of the weekend so let’s not pretend everyone’s dying to sink into this one. The Royals swept all 3 as underdogs in each game. I love that shit. The best part by far was the Hunter Dozier walk off yesterday. I’m quickly becoming obsessed with the new camera angles. I can’t tell but it smells like 4K

Athletics / Rangers 

That vs. this who ya got

I’ll take the 5 career home swipes for more jaw dropping effect. Although if I had to pick to be one of the two, obviously I’d rather drop dick 10 times in 18 times. That’s just so sweet. PS – KD’s 162 average for HR’s since 2015 is 50. Best in baseball by far.

Cardinals / Reds 

The Mexico series looked ELECTRIC

I need more chanting and yelling and Yabos though if we’re being honest. The Japanese series far surpassed Mexico in that department.

Brewers / Dodgers 

Better home run hitter: Orland Arcia (3)

Or Cody Bellinger (9)

Lol one more time

Padres / Diamondbacks 

PS the Padres sneaky got the best left side of the infield in baseball now, no?

Tatis_jr. is slugging .589 with 33 total bases in 16 games. That’s crazy for someone who was once traded for James Shields. He’s got 5 dingers on the season while Manny is still doing Manny Machado things

Mets / Braves 

Jacob deGrom got kinda banged up last night in a relatively disappointing Sunday night start.

He came into the game with over 50% of his MLB starts (141 total) going for 1ER or less in 6+ innings. But there was another guy in the stadium last night with even greater dominance to his name

Angels / Cubs 

1-1 split and Mike Trout didn’t even get on the plane. Makes me sick, so I’m just going to watch this Javy Baez left handed BP bomb on repeat see ya