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Should The Lightning Start to Panic Now That They're Down 3-0?




Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me three times, and the Lightning are the biggest frauds is the history of sports. This is a sad day for the NHL. Not only is their supposed “best team ever assembled” on the brink of elimination in Round 1, it doesn’t even look like the series is going to extend past the minimum 4 games. I hope the league has been smart with their money because this is a financial disaster. Might fold like the AAF if the Jackets continue to run through the playoffs like this. And on top of this financial crisis, now people on the internet are starting to question the league as a whole. Does the NHL need to revisit how they seed teams? From a distance it would seem like going by wins and losses was a good decision, but clearly that does not work. How is the #8 seed bullying the #1 seed this bad? And I’m not just talking about on the scoreboard. The Blue Jackets are literally bullying these dweebs.

A clean and legal hit. You should try it sometime, Tampa! This Lightning team is so stupid. Suspensions. Injuries. They have no fight in them. The intensity of the playoffs is clearly getting to them. Not the Jackets though. We’ve been playing playoff hockey for 3 weeks! Won 10 of our last 11 and now we just need to win 1 of our next 4? Wake me up when the next round begins. And I hope we get Boston, too. I’m tired of these fair weather Tampa Bay fans. They’ll pull the “oh well, you still live in Ohio” card. Boston fans are more of sports people, even if they are illiterate assholes.