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Giannis Dunked From Here - In The Playoffs - Giannis Is A Freak

I’ve given up trying to understand this guy. Physics don’t apply to him. Logic doesn’t apply to him. Science doesn’t apply to him. It’s flat out absurd that he is quite literally a Greek Freak.

I mean look at where he takes off:

Screen Shot 2019-04-14 at 8.45.36 PM

I know, I know. People aren’t impressed by dunks all the time. This is absurd. Mostly because this is way too casual for a playoff dunk, granted the Bucks are beating the shit out of the Pistons currently. His heel is about on the free throw line. It’s getting close to that line where people love to obsess about during a dunk contest.

No nickname has made more sense and applied better than Greek Freak.