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Hey Nazem Kadri.....What The Fuck Man?

Nazem Kadri just hates playing in the playoffs. Kadri with the scumbag move of the century on Saturday night when he casually cross checked Jake DeBrusk in the face. I just don’t understand how someone can be so dumb? He put his team on the penalty kill for the remaining five minutes of the game and now they just lost a crucial forward going forward.

Love that DeBrusk wanted to go back at him too. Kid is a fucking savage.

No question Kadri gets suspended for this. My guess? 5 games. That was bad. Once you start using your stick as a weapon that when shit turns ugly. This is a BAD move for the Leafs too. DeBrusk runs the Bruins locker room, Pastrnak said it on Spittin’ Chiclets. They will 100% rally around this. Don’t poke the bear baby.