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Game Of Thrones Recap: Season 7. #MarchToTheThrone

Previously on #MarchToTheThrone:

In the words of Anthony Davis’ shirt from his (likely) last game as a Pelican, That’s All Folks! We have finally made it to the last edition of idiot blogger recaps the very smart person’s recap video before tonight’s sweet, sweet Season 8 premiere. If you have never watched Thrones, you have just about enough time to watch the videos in those blogs and this one to be caught up by the premiere.

Season 7 is the first shortened Thrones season, but it still packs your typical Mike Tyson punch to the temple. I think the biggest thing this season did was hammer home points we already knew. Jon Snow is a very honorable man (some would say to a fault), dragons can fuck shit up, and Cersei does not give a FUCK about the well-being of The Realm. We also get one last thorn from Lady Olenna directly in Jaime Lanniser’s heart , a better suicide squad than the movie Suicide Squad, learn that dragons can be killed as well as brought back to life undead, a meeting between almost major and minor player in the show, some light but sexy aunt/nephew incest, and a grave miscalculation from Littlefinger since he didn’t realize Bran is the new mainframe for all of Westeros that can access more personal conversations than the Patriot Act. Oh yeah and Arya is about as precise and deadly with a Valyrian steel dagger as she is with Needle.

Biggest Takeaway: A Night King isn’t cool. You know what’s cool? A Night King with a goddamn ice dragon.

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