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Brooklyn Nets Head Coach Had No Idea How To Get Ready For The Playoffs So He Googled 'Playoff Prep Gregg Popovich'

Now this is a move. I know some people may mock him for it, but hear me out. It’s your first time as a head coach in the NBA playoffs. You’re trying to get ready. Your mind is spinning all over the place.

Why not use the invention that we all use? Google that shit. Also, seems like a pretty good guy to google:

Screen Shot 2019-04-13 at 8.20.35 AM

The playoffs are a different animal so it makes sense. You’re scouting hours upon hours on just one team trying to devise a gameplan and switch it game after game. That’s the beauty of the playoffs vs the 82 game regular season.

Hell I’d google shit about Pop all the time if I was a head coach. Who knows how much it will help, but there’s how to enter an arena:

There’s media training:

There’s how to celebrate:

Atkinson has done a hell of a job with the Nets this season already. Maybe he’ll surprise the Sixers in the first round now. Love this move.