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If You Hang a Giant Political Sign At a Baseball Game Then You Are The Single Biggest Asshole On This Planet

There are a lot of assholes on this planet we call Earth, but let me be loud and clear: if you go to Yankee Stadium on a Friday night with the sole purpose of spreading awareness of a political cause and choose to do so by draping the most obnoxious sign possible then you are the single biggest asshole on this planet. I could not care less if your cause is correct or not. Left or right. Up or down. If you want to spread awareness that we should stop an incoming asteroid that is on course to blowing up Earth then do it somewhere else. I want nothing to do with you on my planet. You don’t care about baseball. You didn’t buy a ticket to watch the beautiful game. You just wanted to make a statement to everyone in attendance. I want you to know I despise your existence. How did you even sneak that into the stadium? That thing is enormous. What are we doing at security folks?

For all the people that had their view blocked in the lower deck, you have every right to find these political advocates and fist fight them with no penalty. That would ruin my night and drive me to a rage of no return.

Our social media guy Chuck is at the game and said the good people in the first deck grabbed the sign and pulled it down.

I wish they pulled the people down with it. Take your political causes and fuck off out of my stadium.