The AAF Is Now Blocking Their Former Players From Signing In The CFL

Well, this whole AAF thing turned from exciting to a total shitshow within just a few months.

It appears at this point that the AAF is using their own players as assets in their bankruptcy proceedings:

The irony of this is astounding. The AAF marketed itself as the league of second chances for players who didn’t make it in the NFL. Now, they’ve folded due to the incompetence of their executives, and won’t allow their players to go the CFL? Bullshit.

I’m still in on the XFL, by the way. The issue with the AAF wasn’t the quality of play, as much as bad decisions by those who ran the league. Look at this:

44 players in a week! If the XFL can take those players and put them in a financially stable league you can have a successful spring league. Just hope Tom Dundon isn’t involved.

P.s. I’m still not convinced that Tom Dundon wasn’t a mole for the XFL. He went in, got the gambling technology, and tanked the league. There are connections to Vince McMahon. Let’s not forget that Dundon took over just a few days after the AAF’s phenomenal week 1. I may have to do a full conspiracy blog one of these days.