Jay Cutler, Quarterback, Reality Star, and Expert Milk Duct Sucker

Well that is a headline that stops you right in your tracks. These are the things nobody tells you about when you’re growing up. Someday, when you’re ready to have kids you wife might come to you and ask you to suck out her clogged milk ducts and guess what…you have to do that shit. You suck those ducts like lives depend on it because they do. And credit to Cutler for getting in there and getting the job done. Per this google search result sucking like you’ve never sucked before isn’t even one of the top 10 remedies.

treating clogged milk ducts

Sometimes you gotta audible though. You gotta freelance. You gotta do what feels natural. Jay was always great at all of those things. Gunslinger mentality. Cold press…nah, compression during pumping…nah, dangle nursing…pftt. Just suck the shit out of them. The Jay Cutler way.