The Story Behind Sup Dogs Will Move You To Tears And You'll Understand Why This Win Means So Much


Note: I posted this blog last year after Sup Dogs won 5th Yers "Best College Bar" contest. They are back in the finals this year and the Barstool ECU account RT'd this blog.

Bret and Sup Dogs are everything that is right about America. Would be amazing to go back to back. Also when I wrote the PS on the blog I didn't foresee a global pandemic. 


I wasn't lying even a little in that title, was I?

In case you missed it, 5th Year ran a "best college bar in America" contest. What started out as an innocent bracket voted on by a couple thousand people then became a national phenomenon, with collusion, voter fraud, the local news, and the Jonas Brothers getting involved. This contest took on a life of it's own, becoming wildly bigger than anyone could have imagined. And in the end, the humble folks at Sup Dogs took the crown.

I couldn't be happier for Bret (and all the Sup Pups). It was a valiant effort by Champs and the Jo Bros, but I think we can all agree the better bar won.



PS: When they run this contest again next year it wouldn't shock me if a bar was endorsed by like, the president of the United States. This thing got so big in the later rounds, it's going to be absolutely wild to see what happens next year when it's like that from the jump.