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Fuck This Robot Draining Jumpers From Half Court

Nope. No thank you. Don’t need to see this. Don’t need this. Last thing we need are robots coming into this world and draining jumpers from half court with near perfect form. Don’t like it one bit. We already have a basketball robot, maybe you heard of him

The last thing basketball needs is some real robot out there. I’m terrified of all these robot advancements. We’ve seen it all over the place. Whether it’s the automatic driving car. The robot dog. There’s too much. I don’t trust them. Call me a basic midwestern guy now, I just prefer people.

Imagine this guy getting drafted. No doubt LeBron would try to tamper with him. I mean look at that jumper. A real floor spacer too since he looks huge.

Keep this thing in Japan and don’t ever let me see a robot hoops guy in America. Fuck this thing.