Game Of Thrones Recap: Season 4. #MarchToTheThrone

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Another day, another Game of Thrones recap (or Spark Notes if this is how you are catching up on the show without having to devote hours of your life).

I’m pretty sure the guy in that video hammered home the point pretty clearly, but Season 4 may be the best season of Game of Thrones. Or at least that’s what I thought during my #67in67 rewatch, with Peter Dinklage putting on a goddamn acting clinic to the point he locked up the unanimous MVP of the season in my eyes on some Steph Curry shit.

But the season isn’t just Tyrion turning in A+++++ monologues and quotes that can move merch. Oberyn Martell continues to be the coolest guy in Westeros, Olenna Tyrell continues to be the greatest roast master in Westeros, Littlefinger continues to be the greatest schemer in Westeros, and Margaery continues to be the biggest vixen in Westeros. Meanwhile in Essos, Khaleesi continues to go for Abe Lincoln’s throne of greatest emancipator and even puts her dragons in a cave because that’s a great idea.

Up North, Bran finally arrives at his fancy little tree (RIP In Peace Seizure Kid), the Nights Watch learns that having a bunch of crooks together in a bad situation can turn hairy (RIP In Peace Commander Mormont), and the brothers at Castle Black hold off the wildlings (RIP In Peace Ygritte) before Stannis can cut their army to shreds. We also get a pretty sweet Brienne v. Hound matchup where your not sure who you want to win, Arya heading to Faceless Man Land, the Boltons acting like motherfuckers, the Greyjoys failing yet again, and two absolutely wild deaths.

Biggest Takeaway: Watching a teenager die a gruesome death can actually be fun and uplifting!

2nd Biggest Takeaway: Watching a character you only knew for 7 episodes of a sprawling show die can crush your soul.

3rd Biggest Takeaway: We need more giants in this show because they are incredible.

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