I'm Pretty Sure Aaron Judge Fought Manager Aaron Boone Last Night

Last night the Yankees were swept by the Houston Astros for the first time in franchise history. They trailed 7-2 at one point before clawing their way back, only to fall 8-6. They fell because of shotty bullpen work and terribly defense, which has become a nightly occurrence during losses. The Houston Astros are a great all around team that will need to face a great opposing performance if they’re going to lose a single baseball game. The Yankees didn’t show that effort for a full nine innings once over the last 3 days. Twelve games into the 2019 season they sit with a 5-7 record and have left a ton on the table to be had. The Red Sox are 3-9 and New York hasn’t done a damn thing about it. Judge knows.

When the Yankees lose games you can pretty much guarantee the same variation of words to come out of manager/mouthpiece Aaron Boone’s mouth, “I feel like we’re really close to breaking out.” He’s literally said this for a full year now. It’s insane. He never holds anyone accountable. Never challenges the team. He just says they’re getting close and it’s coming. Every. Fucking. Time. It’s beyond infuriating.

Well, right now the Yankees are not close to “turning a corner.” A blind person could see that. When a reporter last night asked Judge what he thought about Boone’s comments I literally thought he was going to kill someone.

(Skip to 30 seconds into the video)

When Judge asks the reporter “turning a corner?” I gasped. He was so baffled and dumbfounded by the comments he had to ask the reporter to explain what that meant. He might as well have said, “that bumbling idiot said what?” You see, all Aaron Boone is meant to do for this team is to be a mouth piece to the media. He doesn’t make any real decisions. He doesn’t make lineup calls. He doesn’t decide who is coming into the game from the bullpen. He doesn’t choose who is pitching which day. It’s all the analytical nerd department and Brian Cashman. All Boone is here to do is to be the face of these decisions and say the right things to the media and not make the organization look stupid. Well, when the team is struggling to get going maybe don’t say for the billionth fucking time that the guys are “close to turning a corner.”

Listen positivity is fine, but a team needs to be challenged in these spots. These are men, they don’t have to be babied. All he needs to do right now is say, “yeah we’re undermanned with injuries, but no one is going to feel bad for us. We’re playing really sloppy baseball and it has to change right now. This is unacceptable.” That’s it. Say that and every player and fan will be on board. Nope, not him. Girardi probably took the challenging players part too far (I have a feeling Judge liked it) and that was what did him in. Boone is just way too far on the other side of things. There needs to be a happy medium and Boone ain’t it.

Turning a corner? Fuck outta here with turning a corner. Just make Aaron Judge the player-manager-captain and get this ship rolling Jackie Moon style.