White Sox Named 6th Most Profitable Organization In Terms Of Operating Income By Forbes, #FakeNews

Okay so this was hot in the streets last night and I am obliged to touch on it because about 13 billion people sent it to me as if I have any power at all in changing this and am sick of being dubbed a “water carrier” for the team.  I thought this tweet of mine would suffice, but it didn’t:

I poked my head around and asked a few people what these figures meant last night because I am FAR from a finance guy, and for all I know they don’t mean shit.  But from what I gather, this is pretty much a fake news article for these reasons:

A.  Teams do NOT release this info to Forbes or ANY other publications.  Organizational ticket sales info, TV deals, attendance, food and bev sales, payroll and other shit is public info, so guesses can be made on profitability, but that’s just what this whole list is… a big guess, and one presented as fact.

2. The White Sox are nowhere near the Cubs, Red Sox, let alone higher than the Yankees in terms of profitability

D. Teams guard their profit margins like the nuclear football.  They do NOT want that info released to anyone that doesn’t have a slice of ownership, and sometimes they might not even get it if their particular slice is small enough.

Think about it.  We just had an article come out a week or so ago where there’s a supposed real, tangible “title belt” given out to the organization that suppresses arbitration deals the most every offseason.  It caused a minor uproar on social media as Justin Verlander and others spoke out about it.  Do you think those organizations would want their profit margins public?  Absolutely not.  That gives the MLBPA every ounce of leverage possible when looking for a new CBA.  For all we know the numbers released by Forbes are $10s of millions of dollars higher for each team, but they could also be much lower.  Nobody knows for sure what the actual figures are, but the Forbes article passes them off as hard facts, though they’re not.

So let’s nip that in the bud right now.  The White Sox aren’t as well off as the Cubs.  I do think it’s their own fault and that it could/should be a destination organization, but that’s not the case in the present.

In other new…

… The Sox got ratio’d last night:

This fanbase is furious.  Nothing is going their way, which again, is their fault and nobody else’s.  But I’ve never seen a fanbase so angry in my life.  Not the Bears during the Trestman or Fox years, not the Cubs during the Dusty Baker years, not Bulls fans now.  Sox fans are fucking furious, and rightfully so. Everyone is calling for heads.  From Reinsdorf on down through about 15 guys on the 25 man and the entire scouting department and player development staffs.  It’s bad.  I am not going to place blame on one person in particular other than the top dog.  They all have some fault in it.  Ownership, front office, scouting, players, all of them.  I don’t have an answer for what needs to change, but something… needs to change.  A new word is “accountability” with White Sox fans and it’d be nice to see some of it from everyone who’s involved in this shit show.  Getting outscored 45-14 over 6 is unacceptable.  The team that just swept you has made the playoffs 5 times in 12 years and operates in a small market with zero fanbase or national appeal.  In that span you’ve made the playoffs once… 11 years ago.

I’m not smart enough to say what needs to change.  But whatever is going on now… it ain’t working.  Could have had Marwin Gonzales, Nelson Cruz and whoever else that qualifies as a real life quality big league player this offseason.  Instead it was… Ervin Santana and the 305 crew.  And they’d be paying just about as much if they swapped out those p[layers.  Just brutal.

Long story short?  I’m losing my fucking mind over this team.