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Brooklyn Sends Off Dwyane Wade Into Retirement With A BOOMING "Paul Pierce Sucks" Chant

Paul Pierce has completely and utterly hijacked Dwyane Wade’s retirement tour. I wouldn’t be surprised if Budweiser was cutting up a new version of that incredibly sad commercial to include Pierce at this point. Everywhere you turn and see Dwyane Wade you hear the name Paul Pierce. They honestly may be more synonymous with one another than Wade and LeBron at this point. Like you can no longer think the name Dwyane Wade without immediately bringing up Paul Pierce. It’s insane. Never seen anything like this. And I know there are plenty of Heat fans in this crowd, but the game is in Brooklyn. You know, the building Paul Pierce opened along side Deron Williams, Brook Lopez, Joe Johnson and Kevin Garnett. There’s apparently only one building in the Association where this chant wouldn’t have erupted and that’s the Boston Garden. What a wild time to be alive.