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Who You Got? Frank Kaminsky's 'The Office' Shoes vs Mike Scott's 'From Dwight' Jersey?

So it’s the final game of the NBA season. Last chance to leave it all out on the floor from a fashion standpoint. So what better way to rock something from The Office? We have two worthy

Frank Kaminsky’s Prison Mike Shoes

Absolutely fantastic. Perhaps the most popular non-character in TV history. That appeared to be the highlight until we got a cleaner look at it and oh my. We have everything. The 100% shots quote. The Jim dressed as Dwight. Dwight in general. Just a fantastic looking shoe.

But then came a worthy opponent.

Mike Scott’s ‘From Dwight’ Jersey

This is downright awesome. I mean you have to really dig to have all this made. Throw in the fact that your name is, well, Mike Scott and it makes it even better. The fact it’s actually the Wilkes-Barre/Scranton Penguins jersey and not the actual Pittsburgh one is huge.

So which one do you have? Don’t get me wrong, both are absolute heat. Absolute fire some would say too. But, I gotta go Kaminsky here. Wearing the shoes during the game. The different parts to all of it plus the Hornets colors.