Virginia's Ty Jerome Clowns Mike Francesa For Saying UVa Would Never Win The Title

Well, needless to say this has been flying around the timeline. Guess that’s what happens when you mix college hoops and big time radio. The real thing here is I can’t stop laughing at Jerome’s subtle shots.

I actually lied. The best part is Jerome bringing up Virginia’s KenPom’s efficiency and Mike just absolutely blowing it off. Saying it only matters because they play bad teams, which is just the complete opposite of KenPom’s offensive efficiency couldn’t be more perfect.

‘I mean we play in the ACC so we don’t beat all those teams by 40.’

I fucking love Ty Jerome. You know he was waiting to drop lines like this. The dude went to Iona Prep. He’s a New York kid. He’s also a motherfucker. He’ll talk shit. He remembers when people say stuff (Ty, remember reading this and feel free to hype up me/Barstool).

Just going to have to add Mike to Jerome’s kill list. Sorry Numbah One, rules are rules:

We had him hitting big shots in the title game:

We have him trolling Stephen A. Smith right after the title:

We have him dancing to Old Town Road right on Texas Tech’s grave: